Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate with us - Aluma Photo-Plate is celebrating 24 Years In Business

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Testimonials & Reviews

M&I Electrical Industries, Inc.

A Corporation established in 1946 providing the Oil & Gas Drilling and Production, Marine, Pipelines, Refining, Chemical /Petrochemical and other Heavy Industry with Switchgear, Control Systems, AC/DC Drives, Electrical and Instrumentation, and Motor/Generator repair. M& I has offices in Houston, Texas, Lake Charles, LA., and Singapore, Far East.

Doug Williams, Vice President of Houston operations states:

M&I uses Aluma Photo Plate Co. for the product quality, its durability, fast turnaround, while meeting all our specifications. Ken Wickman has always responded to M&I's needs. So, if I had to pick one item, it is Ken Wickman's dedication to customer requirements.

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Marine & Mainland Services, LP

Marine & Mainland is a service provider to offshore drillers and producers. In today's market, quality is a given and time truly is money.

Alan Schaefer, states:

"Aluma Photo Plate Co. produces high quality photo anodizing on a variety of metal plates that stand up to the rigors of the offshore environment. The product typically produced for M&M is a single unique plaque. A two day hassle free turnaround is typical and at a very competitive pricing."

Alan Schaefer, President of Marine & Mainland Crane Services, LP

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Electronic Power Design, Inc.

EPD is a systems integrator for electrical equipment for the marine and oil & gas industries manufacturing AC/DC drives, switchboards and other power management products.

Brad Curle states:

EPD Inc., prior to contracting with Aluma Photo Plate Co., was using an etched stainless steel process, which was quite expensive and had a long lead-time. Often, the plates ordered where not correct and the project delivery date was not met.

The last six years we have been doing business with Aluma Photo Plate Co. We have been continuously pleased with the durability of the anodized process because they do not scratch, abrade or weather even in hostile environments. The fast and efficient service we receive from Ken Wickman makes selecting these products a pleasure. We just supply Ken with the appropriate artwork and he anodizes the plates. He has even been able to give us two-day service on a rush job. I highly recommend both Aluma Photo Plate Co. as a vendor and the products that Ken Wickman produces.


Severn Trent DeNora

Severn Trent DeNora is an ISO 9000 Co. specializing in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment used primarily on offshore platforms and ocean going vessels.

Jim B. Lyons, senior buyer states:

The selection of photo anodized aluminum equipment nameplates and tags were brought on by their durability, their eye appeal, and their resistance to the corrosive byproducts of our equipment.

Aluma Photo Plate Co. has been our supplier of this product for the ten years I have been a buyer, primarily because of the durability and quality requirements it meets, and their ability to react to our constantly changing requirements. If asked would I recommend this supplier; the answer would have to be a resounding yes.

A note of interest:
Aluma Photo Plate Co. has actually been doing business with this particular Co. for over 27 years. It has evolved through no less than five name changes and was the first outside contract given to us prior to even going public with outside solicitations for a marketable product line.

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Gonzales County Historical Commission

Paul Frenzel, Historical Researcher states:

"My wife and I are members of the Gonzales County Historical Commission, The Gonzales Historic Homes Association and the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture. Gonzales is the birthplace of Texas freedom and our primary interest is the promotion and preservation of Gonzales history.

For the past three years we have been responsible for researching Gonzales historical events and designing signage to depict those events. To date, we have installed signage dealing with two historical events including the "First Confrontation" which led to the first shot of the Texas revolution and the event known as the "Runaway Scrape". We are currently working on signage for additional events.

Since this signage is outside we needed a product that could stand up in all kinds of weather. We had seen an aluminum plaque and thought that it would be ideal for our purposes. We researched the source of the plaque and identified the manufacturer to be the Aluma Photo Plate Co. After discussing our requirements with Mr. Wickman and using grant money from the state, we ordered the first set of plaques dealing with the "Runaway Scrape". The Aluma Photo Plate Co. and Mr. Wickman proved to be a unique Co. in our experience. They provided us with exactly what we expected and completed the project on schedule, at the stated price and it was correct the first time. Since then, we have placed several orders with Aluma Photo Plate Co. and we have always had the same results. How many companies have you dealt with that have that kind of track record?"

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One customer has this to say about our Plant/Tree Markers:

"I got my Tree Sign today for “Lily’s Tree” and it looks really great. Thank you very much - as I got major points with her Parents for doing this. A first time Great-Grandmother: THANKS!"

Regarding our Trailer VIN Stickers:

"Thanks so much for re-making the Trailer sticker after the shop lost the one I ordered from you. I thank you for your quick turn-around in getting it out to me. Much appreciated."

Regarding our Diplomas:

"The quality work in making my Diploma on aluminum is very impressive. I will be needing another one soon and can’t wait to get my original to bring to you and custom select my matt and frame again. Great work!"

Regarding our Dash VIN Tags:

"I got the dash sticker yesterday and could not have asked for a better product!. That was exactly what I was looking for. If you do not mind, I’m going to pass your information along to my custom painting shop. They do full body coach painting for RV’s. I’m sure they have encountered this before. Now, there is a source for replacing it! Thank you very much."

Regarding our Nameplates:

"It was amazing that you were able to find the last time I ordered from you ( 2012 )! I could not find anything to send to you to help, and yet you were able to send me a copy of what we had produced. I know it was not a large order, but you have my continued business, and I will refer your company to anyone I feel may need your products and services. You are the best!"

Regarding our Capacity Plates:

"WOW! I don’t know how, but you did it. It was impressive how you were able to actually read the “faded” information from the photo I sent you of my STARCRAFT Capacity plate, and then make a new one. Looks awesome. I am going to show all my friends and tell them who make it. There is also a boaters group here I will give your contact information to. I am happy I found you."

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