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  Polycolor (Click to enlarge photo)

PolyColor® single color, photo-resist anodized aluminum provides an attractive alternative to the black and silver that MetalPhoto® offers. Color anodized aluminum printing is especially suited for panel fronts, warning, caution, other safety alerts and tags. The durability of the color anodized aluminum process, combined with an attractive range of colors, provides an increased impact for your message. Heat and chemical resistant, it is excellent for high-impact visibility.

POLYCOLOR® is a photo-anodized (photo-resist) process with a one-color image on natural aluminum with an attractive range of colors to choose from. SEE COLOR CHART. Polycolor® is heat, abrasion and chemical resistant and will last indefinitely Indoors.

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Dye Colors Available

  • Nameplates
  • Control Panels
  • Panelfronts
  • Instrument Panels
  • Compliance & Mil-Specs
  • Serial / Model No. Tags
  • Write-On / Type-On Labels
  • Product & Equipment I D Plates
  • Operating Procedure Labels
  • Recognition & Award Plaques
  • Plant / Tree I D Markers and Signs
  • VIN, HIN, and Vessel Plates
  • Interior Signage
  • Computer Tags
  • Caution / Warning / Danger Placards
  • Load Charts, Radius Indicator Plates
  • Scales / Dials / Faceplates
  • Asset Tags
  • UID / Bar Code Labels
  • Exterior & Interior Signage

PolyColor® photo-anodized aluminum comes with (two) finishes to choose from:

  • MATTE:
    A non-reflective surface used for Bar Code labels and tags requiring a dull, non-glare requirement.
  • SATIN:
    A simi-gloss, medium reflectivity, with a slight grain, and the most specified finish for Nameplates, Equipment Panels and Signage use.
  • SIZES:
    The photo-anodized aluminum comes in sizes up to 20.0" x 24.0". NOTE: Not all thicknesses or finishes can go to this size so consult with us when selecting requirements such as thickness, size, finish etc.
    There are up to (five) thicknesses to select from in the photo-anodized aluminum:
    .005" - .008" - .012" - .020" - .032".


(Satin, Matte)



PolyColor® photo-anodized aluminum images and graphics are sealed within a sapphire-hard, anodic layer protecting it from virtually any harsh exposure to heat, chemical, abrasion, graffiti, cracking, peeling and delamination.


Photo-Anodized Aluminum
Cross Section

The (PolyColor®) photo-anodized aluminum is available in the following thicknesses:
( .005 / .008 / .012 / .020 / .032 / ).

Here is just a visual representation of the thicknesses from .012 thru .032 and are not to scale of accuracy.

Please contact us to review your application to best determine the correct thickness to select for your project.

Metalphoto®, photo-anodized aluminum meets and exceeds many DoD requirements including:
Mil-Std-130N GGP-455B Mil-A-8625F Mil-DTL-15024F
  CE API Specs and others.  
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