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  IDMark (Click to enlarge photo)

This ID MARK® process uses a photo-resist polyester and aluminum label process that has a one-color image reproduced on a variety of different color substrates. For safety, caution or warning signs, the polyester and aluminum labels provide exceptional resolution, reproducing ultra-fine artwork, diagrams, photos, charts and many other graphic designs, whether for a one of a kind project to short runs or rush requirements.

Choices include color and high-intensity reflective and luminescent styles, as well as a variety of background colors with black, red, blue, green or gray color effects. Flexible and pliable for placement on non-flat objects and surfaces, these interior polyester and aluminum labels, signs and decals all come with a high-performance, industrial grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive.

ID MARK® - is a photo-sensitive (photoresist) Aluminum and Polyester that is water, chemical and abrasion resistant. These polyester plastic labels are excellent for one-of-a-kind projects to short-run orders.

Read more about the History of ID MARK.

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  • Decals
  • Signs
  • Labels
  • Prototypes
  • Equipment Tags
  • Information Placards
  • Recognition Plaques
  • Nameplates
  • Warning / Danger / Caution Labels
  • Computer Decal
  • Wiring Diagrams & Schematics
  • Panelfronts

Prints multiple two-color images with high quality results on either Aluminum or Polyester.
Available with ( three ) overlam Finishes to choose from - MATTE, GLOSS, LEXAN
Prints in any size up to 12.0" x 20.0"
With ( two ) thicknesses of material to select from -( .006" polyester) & ( .007".aluminum ).
See Color Chart Below

ID Mark® is laminated with a clear protective overlam for UV / Scratch and Water resistance.

  • GLOSS:
    overlam with UV protection with a shiny finish.
  • MATTE:
    overlam with excellent protection from abrasion and moisture with a dull, non-reflective finish.
  • LEXAN:
    overlam has a frosty, textured finish with excellent protection from abrasion and moisture.

ID Mark® can last indefinitely for Indoor applications, and with the UV overlam is good Outdoors for up to 3-5 years.

ID Mark® comes with a high-performance, 3M # 467 pressure sensitive industrial grade adhesive backing.

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