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Chemical Resistant Labels

Aluma Photo-Plate Co offers a variety of custom chemical resistant labels, tags, plates and compliance signs for all applications. Suitable for harsh environments, Aluma Photo’s process of photo anodizing is corrosion resistant, able to withstand all environments, chemicals, weather and more. Our durable products are ideal for fuel tank tags, pipe labels, gasoline & fuel compliance signs and many more. A permanent adhesive can also be used on material of .003 up to .012 thicknesses, or .020 up to .063 thicknesses for mounting with holes, attachment to brackets, or free standing applications. All to help you display your safety messages in hazardous and extreme environments which create a safer environment for your employees, your business, or the industry in which you operate.

fuel tank tags

Pipeline Markers & Fuel Tank Tags

With the ability to meet the toughest requirement and outlast the harshest environments, our custom products are the perfect fit for the petro-chemical, marine and offshore, military and oil & gas industries while meeting or exceeding many MIL-Specs, serving as top of the line pipeline markers, fuel tank tags, and other compliance signs. The biggest benefit comes in the replacement value; most other processes or materials corrode, fade, melt, delaminate, or just lose their messages altogether.

Advantages of our photo-anodized process:

A few examples of products:
  • Corrosion resistant to most chemicals
  • Salt-water resistant
  • Long-lasting up to 20 years outdoor life
  • Abrasion resistant and Graffiti proof
  • Will not crack/peel, melt or delaminate
  • Resists extreme High and Low temperatures
  • Suitable for above ground or in-ground applications
  • UV stable and will not fade or lose the message
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Industrial & Aerospace
  • Fuel Tank Tags & Pipeline Markers
  • Storage Data Plates
  • Inventory Control Tags
  • Model/Serial number labels
  • Warning Placards
  • Danger & Caution Signage
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Instrument Panels & Panelfronts
  • Product Nameplates
  • Information Charts & Schematics
Metalphoto Certification:

When processed in accordance with ISG's Instructions, the Metalphoto photosenstive anodized aluminum listed above can be used to meet requirements of:

MIL-A-8625F Amendment 1, Type II, Class 1 & 2

GG-P-455B (3), Type I, Grade A (Prod. Group I) or Class 2, Grade A (Prod. Group II)

DMS-1674G, Class 1 Type 3 and Class 2

MIL-DTL-15024G, Type G

DMS-1674G, Class 1 Type 1 and Class 1 Type 2

MIL-DTL-15024G, Type H (.012 and thicker)

  MIL-DTL-19834C (0.003",Foll)

 A-A-50271 (superseding Mil-P-514D), Compostion A, Class 2 and Composition C

MIL-P-6906B, Type I & II, when the material specified is photosensitive aluminum plate

Metalphoto photosenstive anodized aluminum is an end product manufactured in the United States as defined by FAR 52.225-1 and FAR 252.225-7001.

The material(s) listed are anodized per and in accordance with MIL-A-8625F, Amendment 1, for photosensitized nameplates (Ref. Section

Metalphoto photosenstive aluminum plates have a shelf life of two years from ship date, when stored in their original, unopened package in a room maintained at a temperature of 68 ±2°F and at a relative humidity of 50 ±2% only. Shelf life of product may be extended if properly stored in original container, temperature/humidity conditions are met and product shows no deleterious effect after processing.

 Seller hereby acknowledged that the parts and/or materials being shipped under this order are intended for use under Boeing's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued production certificate 700 as applicable.

 The anodized Aluminum conforms to the requirements of LGMS 3001. For materials defined as plate and sheet (≥0.006" thickness): The 1100 alloy confirms to the requirement of SAE-AMS-QQ-A-250/1, rev. A and ASTM B209-14. 


Metalphoto®, photo-anodized aluminum meets and exceeds many DoD requirements including:
Mil-Std-130N GGP-455B Mil-A-8625F Mil-DTL-15024F
  CE API Specs and others.  
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