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Metal Embossing vs Stamping


Embossing is done using “raised” characters (stamped from the bottom). While Stamping is done using “recessed” characters (stamped from the top).


Aluma Photo Plate Co. is now offering two more Permanent Marking solutions to help you with your

Product ID needs: EMBOSSING and STAMPING.


Aluma Photo Plate Co. specializes in providing the industry with the highest quality and most durable nameplates of Photo Anodized Aluminum – Metalphoto(R). Helping customers finish the process of variable marking their plates and tags through EMBOSSING or STAMPING has been problematic, until now. We are using a 304 Stainless Steel of .015” thickness with 1/8” and 3/16” characters for Embossing. We are using a Photo Anodized Aluminum of .032” thickness with 1/16” or 1/8” or 3/16” characters for Stamping.


A.1: EMBOSSING (raised characters) on Stainless Steel Blanks (silver on silver) can withstand being painted without losing legibility; resists direct UV, grease, oil and dirt damage, and is corrosion and scratch resistant. We offer 2-character sizes – 1/8” and 3/16”. ALL fonts are UPPER CASE. Please reference our Embossing FONT library for examples.


A.2: EMBOSSING (raised characters) on Anodized Aluminum Blanks (black on black or silver on silver) OR Pre-Printed Anodized Aluminum tags/plates with open fields for Embossing variable data. We offer 2-character sizes – 1/8” and 3/16”. ALL fonts are UPPER CASE. Please reference our Embossing FONT library for examples.


B. STAMPING (recessed characters) Blanks (black on black or silver on silver) OR on Pre-Printed Anodized Aluminum tags/plates with open fields for Stamping variable data. We offer 3 characters sizes – 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”. 


What is Embossing?

The process of embossing involves raising an image, a design, or text on the surface of metal sheets. 


Our embossing is available in sizes 1/8 and 3/16, and the following materials can be embossed:

  • .015" thick # 304 Stainless Steel

  • .032" thick 1100 H14 Anodized Aluminum

What Industries Do Metal Stamping Serve?

A wide range of industries manufacturing processes depend heavily on metal stamping. A die is used in this fabrication process to cut flat metal sheets into the desired shapes. Because of this precision and the ease with which it can be swiftly and cheaply duplicated, so many industries, from food service providers to defense contractors, depend on metal stamping to provide them with the components and goods they want. Our metal stamping is available in the sizes 1/8" and 3/16" for more information on our metal stamping contact us. 


What is the difference between embossing and engraving?

The two often used methods for material marking that produce distinctive designs are engraving and embossing. While engraving requires a tool or laser to cut a design directly into the material, embossing uses a die set to press a design onto your chosen material.

The primary distinction between embossing and engraving is that embossing produces marked images more quickly than laser engraving, but it is limited in its ability to produce fine detail. There is no obvious winner between the two approaches because each has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages that you must consider for your project. Speed is a crucial element for projects, and engraving takes some time. But embossing creates marked images far more quickly than engraving. Therefore, you could want to employ embossing if speed is the major objective of your project. 


Perfect for the Restoration of Classic/Vintage:

Cars - Trucks - Boats - Motorcycles - Bicycles - Furniture - Vending Machines -

  Toys – Equipment and more.

- VIN PLATES                                          - SEAT BELT TAGS

- HIN TAGS                                              - ASSET TAGS

- FIREWALL PLATES                             - INSPECTION LABELS

- COWEL PLATES                                   - TREE ID MARKERS

- CHASSIS TAGS                                     - LIVESTOCK ID TAGS

- BUILD PLATES                                     - RENTAL EQUIPMENT


- AIR BAG TAGS                                     - PIPE MARKING PLATES

- WARRANTY PLATES                          - CAMPERS/TRAILERS


- INDOOR/OUTDOOR                                         - HARSH ENVIRONMENT

- AEROSPACE                                                      - MEDICAL

- INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL                         - BOTANICAL

- MARINE/OFFSHORE                                       - UTILITIES (above and below ground)


- MILITARY                                                          - HEAVY EQUIPMENT

- AUTOMOTIVE                                                   - SHIPYARDS



   Pre-printed MP Aluminum Embossed Tags

Stainless Steel Embossed Tags 


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