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Celebrate with us - Aluma Photo-Plate is celebrating 24 Years In Business

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  Aluma-Jet (Click to enlarge photo)

With dramatic full-color, photo-quality graphics printed directly onto aluminum, the full-color metal printing process is so impressive, you must see it to believe it. Select matte or satin finish and thicknesses from .005-in. to .016-in. with extra lamination available to achieve a more rigid plate. All full-color aluminum printing plates can come with a high-performance, industrial grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive, or mounting holes.

These color metal printing plates are the most lasting way to get your company message before prospective clients. Ideal for business cards, desk bars, luggage tags, product ID plates, indoor* signs, name tags,  recognition plaques & awards, and magnetic decals.

Need a unique gift idea for family and friends? Full-color aluminum printing plates are perfect for that special keepsake tree ornament, refrigerator magnet, table coasters or diploma, and are available with silver, gold or white background. Aluma Photo-Plate Co. can design and print virtually anything with this durable, full-color metal printing process.

ALUMAJET™ - is a full-color inkjet printable aluminum printing high resolution graphics directly on aluminum for a variety of uses both indoors and outdoors.

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  • Decals
  • Signs
  • Magazine Articles
  • Prototypes
  • Plant / Tree Markers
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Operator Placards
  • Scales & Dials
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Product & Equipment I D
  • Warning / Danger / Caution Labels
  • Computer Decal
  • Wiring Diagrams & Schematics
  • Panelfronts
  • Property Asset Tags
  • Recognition & Award Plaques
  • Name & Desk Plates
  • Memorial Plates
  • Name Badges
  • Newspaper Articles

AlumaJet™ prints brilliant, full-color, high resolution images with photo quality results.
Prints with ( two ) overlam Finishes to choose from - MATTE, GLOSS
Prints in any size up to 12.0" x 20.0"
AlumaJet™ comes in ( three ) thicknesses of material to select from - .005" / .012 / .020.
Prints in Full Color inket graphics with a base color of WHITE / SILVER / GOLD.
Some thicknesses of AlumaJet™ comes with a “blank” backing, or is available with a high-performance, industrial grade 3M # 467 pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

(Silver, Gold, White)

AlumaJet™ is laminated with a clear protective overlam for UV / Scratch and Water resistance.

  • GLOSS:
    overlam with UV protection with a shiny finish.
  • MATTE:
    overlam with excellent protection from abrasion and moisture with a dull, non-reflective finish.

* AlumaJet™ can last indefinitely for Indoor applications, and with the UV overlam is good Outdoors for up to 3-5 years.
AlumaJet™ can come with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing in some thicknesses.

The (AlumaJet™) inkjet printed aluminum is available in the following thicknesses:
( .005 / .012 / .020 ).

Here is just a visual representation of the thicknesses from .012 thru .020 and are not to scale of accuracy.

Please contact us to review your application to best determine the correct thickness to select for your project.

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