Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate with us - Aluma Photo-Plate is celebrating 24 Years In Business

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Printing Processes

The experts at Aluma Photo-Plate Co. can help you weigh the advantages associated with the wide variety of printing processes we offer, especially when it comes to evaluating each component of the metal photo family of vinyl, polyester, and aluminum processes. Result? The best lineup of quality products to suit your application. Want your product plates to last? Read more and find out how.

  • MetalPhoto
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    • Most durable printing on anodized aluminum plates
    • Metalphoto® is impervious to harsh environments and conditions
    • Photo-anodized process is the preferred material when service life must exceed 20 years
    • Metalphoto® is specified for many military, government, offshore and aerospace applications
    • Anything that can be photographed can be reproduced on this anodized aluminum process

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  • Polycolor
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    • Specialty color-anodized aluminum printing with a photo-resist coating
    • Wide selection of PolyColor® dyes
    • Printed images are integrated into anodic layer and sealed for durability to provide the maximum service life in color industrial coatings sign and tag applications
    • Color-anodized printing plates heighten name awareness, increase notice of your message

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  • Aluma-Jet
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    • Full-color aluminum printing stands out for high-impact visibility
    • The AlumaJet™ medium is ideal for short runs
    • Long-lasting color metal printing is durable for all interior applications
    • Color metal printing maximizes the impact of recognition & awards plaques, keepsakes, product inserts, POP signs and displays

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  • Vinyl Jet
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    • Full-color vinyl printing process for printing flexible decals
    • Extra VinylJet® durability and longevity is assured with a clear, protective overlam layer
    • VinylJet® labels conform to any surface or shape
    • Vinyl label printing is ideal for decals, signs and labels where self-adhesive or magnetic backing is needed

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  • ID Mark
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    ID MARK®

    • A multiple two-color printing process on photo-resist polyester and aluminum
    • Great for prototypes and shorts runs on face plates and panel fronts
    • Polyester plastic labels also available in reflective and luminescent styles
    • Economical ID Mark® decals and labels are ideal for non-flat objects and surfaces

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