Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate With Us – 20 Years In Business

Aluma Photo Plate Co. will be celebrating 20 years in business on Oct. 1st, 2019.

Industries Served

While the number and variety of our customer base has continued to expand over the past 20 years, our national recognition as one of the top photo-anodized aluminum companies has remained the same. Our permanent graphics manufactured in metal—industrial signage, industrial labels, industrial nameplates, asset tags, durable signage, control panels, serial plates, and model tags—are in demand for corrosive, hazardous and harsh environments. The military, aerospace, as well as oil & gas drilling and production, marine, pipelines, chemical and petrochemical, water & wastewater, refining, and power generation companies count on us again and again.

This reputation translates into producing long-lasting, beautiful and durable signage for residential and commercial customers, trade show and lobby exhibits, as well as zoos, museums, arboretums, botanical centers, nature preserves and historical parks & sites.

Industries Served

Aluma Photo Plates Co. has been manufacturing a variety of products for the above Industries for over thirty years using the central material of photo-anodized aluminum. This material is specified as the material of choice by engineers worldwide for their Nameplates, Decals, Product & Equipment Labels, Instrument Panels, Panelfronts, and many more requirements. This material, because of its ability to withstand many harsh extremes and hold up to many challenging environments, has been able to meet or exceed many Government, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Offshore and Aerospace specifications including MIL-STD 130N for the Dept. of Defense UID data matrix bar code applications. Photo-anodized aluminum material is described as ”the most durable of aluminum identification plates” by the National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers.

Industries that we serve:


  • UID ( unique item ID ) Specifications
    Dept. of Defense
    Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property

    Lockheed Martin
    Fabrication of UID Nameplates for Aircraft Items
  • Industry Specificatons and Studies
    BF Goodrich Aerospace
    Data Systems Division
    Specification SMT 0022

    Boeing Commercial Aircraft Co.
    Boeing Process Specifications BAC5875
    Fabrication of Aluminum Markers, Instrument Panels,
    Drawer Front Panels and Fabrication of Metal Appliques.

    Honeywell, inc.
    Satellite Systems Operations
    Metalphoto approved for use on Space Station
    Memorandum A3-J024-M-9501786
    Laboratory Case 161311

    Special requirements for Crew Interface
    Labels on the International Space Station
    Stephen Gray & Fernando Ramos - Boeing
  • U.S. Government Specifications
    United States Federal Government
    Federal Specification GGP-455B(3)
    Type I (Grade A&B) Class 1 or 2

    Dept. of Defense
    Mil-P-19834B - General specifications for plates, identification or instruction metal foil - adhesive backed.

    Dept. of NAVY
    Laboratory evaluation of label plate material and attachment methods considered for use on :PD-17 CARD/VNSWC-TR- 62-00 - June 2000.

    Johnson Space Center, TX.
    Space Station Inventory Label
    specification - SSP 50007.

    Dept. of Defense
    Commercial Item Description
    A-S-50271 Class 2 - Composition C
Metalphoto®, photo-anodized aluminum meets and exceeds many DoD requirements including:
Mil-Std-130N GGP-455B Mil-A-8625F Mil-DTL-15024F
  CE API Specs and others.  
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