Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate with us - Aluma Photo-Plate is celebrating 24 Years In Business

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Offshore Marine

Aluma Photo-Plate’s products are designed to last in harsh environments, with a longer life cycle yielding fewer replacement times. Our products meet or exceed all the requirements for product marking per the Industry Specifications. We offer the highest resolution in the industry with clearer images, with messages that are easier to read. We can produce plate from 1.0” x 1.0” up to 24.0” x 40.0” with a variety of thicknesses, which generally fit most requirements and applications. We can manufacture anything from one data plate up to quantities in the thousands. We specialize in providing a Photo-Anodized Aluminum product because of its outstanding durability and resistance to chemicals, abrasions, fading from UV, corrosion, and high/low temperatures.

We provide product markings for Offshore Marine Service Supply Organizations, the Petroleum and Natural Gas, Pipeline, as well as the Oil and Gas Industries. We also supply the Refineries, Exploration, Production and Transportation businesses with our nameplates, panels, and data signs. All water vessels are regulated by the U.S.C.G., United States Coast Guard. There are many requirements in these Industries. To be specific, Aluma has done much work under the API (American Petroleum Institute) for the API Spec 2C, which is designed for companies building Pedestal Mounted Cranes and related equipment.


hook-assembly      boom-angle


Types of Local Offshore Companies / Manufacturers

- PEM Offshores

- Jackson Offshores

- Kirby Inland Marine

- Hiller Offshore Services

- Schroder Marine Services


Types of Products Aluma Photo-Plate Co provides for these companies:

- Hand Signal Charts

- Boom Angle Indicator plates

- Panelfronts

- Serial/Model number plates

- Product ID / Logo nameplates for Branding company

- Instructional and Procedural plates


- Life Jacket Hold nameplates

- Operating Instruction labels

- O.S.H.A. Inspections plates

- API Spec tags and plates

- U.S.C.G Certification plates

- Fire Protection decals / stickers

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