Aluma Photo-Plate – 20 Years in Business
Celebrate With Us – 20 Years In Business

Aluma Photo Plate Co. will be celebrating 20 years in business on Oct. 1st, 2019.

Tree Plaques & Plant ID Markers

Aluma Photo-Plate Co. manufactures quality tree plaques and plant markers - perfect for identification markers, memorial tree markers and dedication plaques, and garden markers.  We utilize Metalphoto® and Alumajet® printing to process your order, depending on the order specifications.  Our tree and plant ID markers are durable, unique, and fully customizable.  

Outdoor Tree & Plant Markers 

We create our tree and plant plaques using Metalphoto®, a photo-anodized aluminum printing process, which provides unsurpassed longevity in harsh environmental exposure.  Our markers will look great for as long as the tree or plant they are identifying. Our metal tree markers and memorial tree markers are made to last. 

Indoor Tree & Plant Markers

For your interior requirements, we manufacture tree and plant plaques on white aluminum using the Alumajet®, which features full-color capabilities.  These products are treated with a clear coat for moisture protection. While these markers last indefinitely indoors, they are made to withstand limited or short-term outdoor use.   


Aluma Photo-Plate Co. has the capability to fully customize your plant and tree ID markers.  There is no limit to the number of words used on the plaque.  We can incorporate logos at no additional charge.  Contact us today to discuss your customization options for our durable, beautiful tree plaques and plant markers. 


small plant markers Product A
  • Outdoor Use
  • Metalphoto Printing
  • Black/Silver on anodized aluminum
metal tree markers Product B
  • Outdoor Use
  • Metalphoto Printing
  • Black/Silver on anodized aluminum
color plant id markers Product C
  • Indoor Use
  • Alumajet Printing
  • Full Color on white aluminum with clear protective coating


Plant & Tree ID Marker Pricing

metal tree markers pricing Click image to enlarge


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