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Self-Debossed Labels, Stickers & Decals

As the leader in high-quality Metalphoto products, Aluma Photo-Plate manufactures self-debossed labels, stickers, and decals ideal for a wide variety of applications. 

What Is Self-Debossed?

Embossing and debossing are related terms.  Embossing refers to the creation of an impression above the surface of a material, while debossing refers to the creation of an impression below the surface of a material.  We refer to this product as self-debossing because you can deboss the labels yourself using a burnishing tool, which we provide with your purchase. 

You also have the option of debossing with a typewriter if you prefer a more uniform look for your labels.  We produce the labels in strips which can be fed into a strike on a typewriter, which leaves a debossed impression of characters.  Once typed, you simply remove the strip and apply the product.


For the self-debossed labels, our photo-anodized aluminum process utilizes a zero temper or dead soft material.  The material is annealed, not hardened, and treated to reduce strength and hardness.  It offers a label, sticker, or decal with no memory, so it stays in the shape that you bend it.  The material is ideal for non-flat surfaces, and it can be wrapped around a rounded object or surface with ease.

The thin gauge material is well-suited for applications that require a low-profile plate.  It works well with a variety of adhesives, and it is easily fabricated into shapes.  We offer both 0.005" and 0.012" thicknesses, depending on your application.  The material is rated for up to 20 years outdoors.

Metalphoto Printing Process

We create self-debossed labels using our Metalphoto printing process, which utilizes high-contrast film negatives of the artwork or labels that will be printed on photosensitive, photo-anodized aluminum.  This printing process produces durable, high-resolution labels, stickers, or decals and ensures your products will not peel, crack, or delaminate.

The photo-anodized process is a totally anodized 1100 series alloy with the graphics embedded in the impervious clear and sapphire hard anodic layer.  The process offers high durability to abrasions, chemicals, and exposure to direct sunlight.  Additionally, it offers photographically precise graphic reproductions.

  • Serialized Labels
  • Serviced By Stickers
  • Asset / Inventory Decals
  • Model / Serial Plates
  • Certification of Inspection Decals
  • Property Of Labels
  • Repair / Inspection Stickers
  • Meets & Exceeds many Mil-Specs


"Product holds up for the length of time that I need for maintenance intervals, good product."
- Shane Dubois, Sigma Septic

"Yes, I would recommend Aluma Photo-Plate Co. to others.  Your work and turnaround time are second to none.  The quality of the decals is top-notch."
- Jose Aguirre, Zenith Crane & Rigging 

The Ordering Process

To order your self-debossed labels, fill out a form to contact us or give us a call at 866-579-9096.  Our self-debossed products are printed on a 10x12 sheet.  We can cut the labels into strips or individual products based on your needs. 
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