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Special Occasions

Turn your memories into keepsakes! Take your favorite photo from that special occasion, event, or holiday and transform it onto aluminum – permanently. Aluma Photo-Plate Co prints & manufactures custom achievement award plaques, diplomas, certificates, newspaper articles, memorial plates, announcements, and more permanently on metal using our MetalPhoto and AlumaJet processes. Just think, capturing that special memory reproduced on a highly attractive and durable metal. Order several to send to family and friends. Create your keepsake today and proudly display them year after year. Our graphic reproduction products are price competitive. Contact Aluma Photo-Plate Co today for pricing and shipping information.

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Custom Nameplates, Plaques & Certificates for Special Occassions

  • Recognition & Award Plaques
  • Garden Fungshi Certificates
  • Car, Boat, Motorcycle Club awards
  • Sports Recognitions
  • Photos in Shadow Box gifts
  • Wedding & Birth Announcements
  • Promotional Items: Coasters
  • Desk & Cubicle Name Bars
  • Employee of the Month award
  • Highest Sales Award
  • Cemetery Photo Plates
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Memorial Plates
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Keepsake Tree Ornaments
  • Refrigerator Photo Magnets

The Alumajet & MetalPhoto Printing Process

Other Occassions: Pets, Special Occassions, Holidays such as Valentines Day & Mother's Day, Family pictures, Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, and more.


  • Full color photos print better on White aluminum.
  • Border is selected to enhance the colors shown in the photo file
  • Orientation (horizontal or vertical) depends on the photo file provided


  • Graphic Mural Panels
  • Recognition & Award Plaques
  • Garden Fungshui Certificates
  • Office Desk & Cubicle Nameplates
  • Interpretive Signage
  • Car / Boat / Motorcycle Clubs
  • POP Sign Graphics
  • Plant / Tree ID Markers and Signs
  • Sports Recognition Plaques
  • Shadow Boxes with photoplate
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Employee of the Month Award
  • Highest Sales Award Plaque
  • Cemetery Photo Plates
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Newspaper Article Reproductions
  • Exterior & Interior Signage
  • Memorial Plates

  • Dual-Mounting Options

    Your Metal Photo Keepsakes comes with a magnetic backing and hole for hanging on a tree so you can enjoy displaying your Keepsake as a Tree Ornament or as a Magnetic Memory.

    Magnetic backing

    Center hole for hanging

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    Reproduced photo with full color images on a gold, silver, or white background.

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