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History of ID MARK®

Did You Know..... that one product can have several lives?

As an engineer who may have specified materials or wrote specs for Military requirements, do you remember 3M Scotchcal? It was a photo-sensitive process used to manufacture labels, decals, signs, nameplates etc. on aluminum and plastic. It was alcohol-based which used # 8500 developer with a protective spray coating. Well, that was a few years back. Many engineers and Mil-Specs specifically called out on drawings for 3M Scotchcal to meet their strict marking requirements.

Later, it was re-introduced as Dynamark, which offered greater color variety. In 1993 the name was changed to Dynamark II when a water-based method to develop was created. Then in 1994 the two protective sprays #3900 & #3930 were discontinued in place of clear protective overlam sheets in matte, gloss, and velvet finishes. Eventually it became a chemical free process which was much cleaner for the environment, had been greatly improved to be even higher in image quality, and most of all, increased it’s durability/resistance to abrasion, moisture, uv and chemicals.

So, after all that history, the product still lives - and is now called ID MARK®. It has all the same characteristics and more using polyester and aluminum for high-quality, durable, custom labels, decals, signs and nameplates. ID MARK® is perfect for proto-types, low runs, one-of-a-kind orders, and will mark all your products, equipment, machines with a variety of thicknesses, colors and finishes. So, if you are looking for Scotchcal, or Dynamark to get your equipment and product plates made, then look no further than right here. Aluma Photo Plate Co. will readily produce those marking needs for you; meeting or exceeding all of your requirements by using ID MARK®.


• ID MARK® is approved by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) under Class 7921, File # 111331.


• Meets: Mil-P15024D


• FAR 25 Amdt. 25072 Para. 250853 (a) app. F Part I


• Recognized by A&E Magazine as the best product to the awards/engraving industry.


• Voted “Top Ten Products” by both Screen Magazine & the Personalized & Identification Assoc. Magazine


• Decals & Labels


• Special Occassions


• Nameplates


• Wiring Diagrams


• Schematics


• Dials


• Rating Plates


• Equipment Asset Tags


• Recognition & Award plaques


• Interpretive Signs


• Panelfronts


• Caution/Warning Signs & Placards


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